Do you want ot become a club coach?

Quality coaching is a vital component in the development of water polo players and teams. The ability of the coach to facilitate an environment that supports athlete development not only provides the opportunity to experience success, it also ensures that players enjoy positive sporting experiences.

In order to provide quality coaching, the coach must recognise the need for their own on-going development. Knowledge is gained through experience, study, learning from other coaches and participation in coach education programmes. Special thanks should go to Michael Buck who designed and delivered the initial Coach Development booklet. Good coaches are a vital ingredient in the enjoyment and development of our players, not only in regards to their performance, but also as a person.

To assist you getting the best out of your choice of becoming a referee, NZWP have developed a framework which offers a wide range of truly world class water polo coaching courses, from Flippa Ball (Fundamentals) to Olympic Games (Train to WIN).

To view New Zealand Water Polo coaching courses overview please go onto their website Click here  – click onto coaching. 

Here's what you can expect to learn. 

Formal Coach Development Program

New Zealand Water Polo’s Formal Coach Development Programme is based on:

  • Continuous improvement through increasing effective coaching skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Long Term Player Development (LTPD)

The aim of their Programme is to continuously increase the quality and quantity of water polo coaches throughout New Zealand so you can be at a true World Class level coach at all stages of a water polo player’s career.
For the complete NZ Water Polo’s Coach Development Strategy please visit their website.

Coach Development Courses

New Zealand Water Polo runs a four-stage Coach Development Programme, with the Flippa Ball manual being stage 1. Stages 2, 3 and 4 consist of three levels, namely:

  • Online Foundation Course
  • Basic Skills and Tactics Coach course
  • Specialist Coach course

Online Foundation Courses

Prerequisites: none

The Online Foundation Courses (OFC) are introductory coaching courses for each stage of player development and designed to give a sound basic (theoretical) knowledge about the principles and ‘school of thought’ on which the New Zealand Water Polo Coach Development Programme is based. As you can see in the above overview, there are three (3) OFCs, as well as the Flippa Ball Manual.
All of the OFCs consist of several modules which once completed will certify the coaches in a particular stage of water polo player development.

Online Test/Questions
OFC modules are all concluded with a number of questions to help course participants identify possible areas of improvement.

The aim of the Online Foundation Courses (OFC) is to provide coaches (beginners or experienced), teachers, parents, players, and other interested people the opportunity to develop their knowledge of coaching in general and of coaching water polo in specific for each stage of water polo player development.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the Online Foundation Courses (OFC), coaches will:
    a) Have knowledge of Long Term Athlete Development
    b) Understand the Long Term Player Development Model, based on player characteristics and needs.
    c) Understand the ‘Coaching Diagram’ and its implementation/use.
    d) Have knowledge in the following general areas:
            • The Role of the Coach
            • NZ Coach Approach
            • Fair Play
            • Coaches’ Code of Ethics
            • Water Polo Safety
    e) Have knowledge in the following sport-specific areas:
            • Rules of water polo
            • Numbering/Positions in the field of play
            • Specialist positions
            • Tactical areas
    f) Identify where to access further resources, support or development opportunities
    g) Understand the philosophy of SPARC’s NZ Coaching Strategy
    h) Have knowledge on the specific coach competencies and core functions for each developmental stage, as well as master these competencies and core functions.
The Online Foundation Courses are also the first step towards becoming a ‘Basic Skills and Tactics Water Polo Coach’ and later a true Specialist in one or more parts of our Coaching Programme.

Basic Skills and Tactics Coach Courses

Prerequisite: Online Foundation Course (for that particular stage)

The Basic Skills and Tactics course builds on the principles and knowledge introduced in the Online Foundation Courses (OFC) and is relevant for coaches who wish to get good understanding of basic water polo fundamentals (skills and tactics) for players in a particular development stage.
Specialist CoursesPrerequisite: Basic Skills and Tactics Course (or through our Competence Scan)
The Specialist course builds on the principles and knowledge introduced in the Online Foundation Course (OFC) and the Basic Skills and Tactics course and turns coaches into true water polo specialist for a particular stage of player development.

Course Stages
Stage 1: FUNdamentals (Flippa Ball Manual)
Stage 2: Learn To Play
Stage 3: Train to Train
Stage 4: Train to Compete and Train to Win

Our club and NZWP are always open to suggestions and aim for continuous improvement, so we appreciate and comments and ideas. Please contact us on admin@northharbourwaterpolo.co.nz orwaterpolo@waterpolo.org.nz

If you wish to coach at our club the first season of coaching is voluntary and you will be placed with a relevant qualified coach for the season. At this stage the club’s head coaches Matt Payne or Davor Carevic will meet with you and will have a role in your continual climb up the ladder as a coach.
This is an opportunity to further your qualifications as a player, coach and a person and enjoy giving back to younger people, what you have been taught over the years.